New Release Coming Soon

We’ve heard your requests and heeded your pleas.  We are actively working on a new release of the Virtual Engine app which will be renamed to Virtual Engine Shop.  If all goes well we hope to have the release done by the end of April.

What’s New:

While this new release won’t have any new procedures, we have completely redesigned the app to allow for expansion to include new content and procedures.  We think you’ll like the new look and feel (stay tuned for screen shots).  In addition to the redesigned user interface we are also adding these features:

  • Battery life optimization. We’ve implemented some clever rendering techniques that will dramatically improve battery life while using the app.
  • “See It” feature that allows you to watch and learn how to do a procedure with DVD style controls.  When you’re ready you can then choose “Do It” mode and run through the procedure yourself.
  • Adding Installation mode to the procedures.

Please use our new Contact form to send us any comments or feature requests!