Version 2.0 is Now Available!

The anticipated update is now live on the App Store!  We’ve listened to all of your feedback and comments regarding more content.  As a user, you will see we’ve addressed some of that.  What you can’t see is what we’ve been up to under the hood (pun intended).  This all-new architecture will allow us to add new content, very easily, from this point forward.  Enough of that, here’s the list:

  • Rendering optimizations that will dramatically improve battery life
  • All new UI system for accessing and selecting content
  • All new garage environment to immerse the user
  • All new in-lesson status bar shows:
    • Lesson Steps
    • Navigation Presets (use these if you get lost or get tired of gesture navigation)
    • Lesson Instructions
    • Two lesson modes
      • See It: A watch and learn mode with DVR style controls
      • Do It: A fully interactive mode where you repeat what you learned during “See It”
      • Brand new content
  • Added the Allison 4500 SP Transmission (to show a little variety)