VES 2.0.1 Submitted to App Store

We’re on roll with our releases!  Thanks to all of you who’ve downloaded the latest.  Here’s a quick update to fix a few things.  Please keep your comments coming and please use the new Rate This App feature.  Your positive reviews will help keep our boss happy.


  • Lowered the iOS version requirement for VES 2.x to 6.0
  • Added a Settings page which you can access from the main screen or in lessons. The options allow you to:
    • View the tutorial screens again
    • Enable auto-accept on pop-ups (after 2 seconds). Useful for hands free operation of “See It” lessons.
  • Added a button to the main screen that shamelessly asks you to rate our app
  • Fixed the buttons on the EULA and tutorial screens so you can actually see them
  • The app will now open web pages by launching Safari when choosing “Visit Our Website” or “Build Your Own Apps with GL Studio ES”
  • Made several improvements to the 3D models
  • Corrected some typos and update lesson selection syntax
  • Improved image quality (especially for iPad 2 users) by
    • Enabling multisampling
    • Applying a linear mip mapping filter to the text
    • Removed texture compression on some of the UI elements
  • Whacked a few other miscellaneous bugs