Virtual Engine Shop Wins ADL 2014 Learning App Challenge

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative Co-Labs selects DiSTI’s Virtual Engine Shop as the 2014 Learning App Challenge (LAC) Winner.  The goal of the LAC was for participants to create and submit innovative Apps to help students acquire knowledge or skills by manipulating tasks, simulations, or situations that require students to critically evaluate what they are learning. The intent was to help students discover, understand, or apply what they have learned through the app. This year’s Challenge targeted mobile platform app solutions designed for grades K-12 or adult learners, restricted to original Mobile applications using Mobile Web, Android, or iOS. Apps were evaluated by a panel of experts in terms of technical quality, usability, and innovation.

Virtual Engine Shop was selected as the winner because the app uses fully interactive 3D models to engage the user in a crawl, walk, run approach to training on the disassembly and reassembly of engines and components, notable for its combination of lesson materials and applied virtual hands-on practice.